Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miracles, Milestones and Magical Moments

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I can honestly say that I am REALLY enjoying my digital writing project thus far! I am working on creating a family website that my family and friends can access to see the 'happenings' of the Davis household. When I started it, pretty much right after our first day of class, I sent the link out to family/friends that I thought would be interested. (That was a little nerve racking...I know that it is by no means formal writing, but it is putting your self out there!) Initially I got a few notes/emails from people saying "good job" or "thanks for sharing" but to be completely honest, I really did not think too many people were paying attention. None the less, I keep adding things and enjoying the creativity that comes with it!

This past week, my husband, son and I had 3 Thanksgivings to attend. I was very surprised at how many family members commented to me about the blog! More were paying attention than I had imagined, or even hoped for! None of them have created accounts and show up as followers on my page, but they all bookmarked it and check in every now and then to see if I added new things! I love it!

I have done a lot of picture adding, and refection on what the pictures show. I have even added a video that I a pretty proud of! My next step is going to be to create a video/slide show with photo story. I took tons of pics over our 3-day Thanksgiving adventure between MN and WI and thought I could use all them to make a show. I downloaded the program, but now can't seem to find it on my computer. I will get it though. I am hoping that will be done by this weekend. We will see though! I am also very excited to add items from the information given to us by our guest speaker the last time we met. (,, I have looked at all of these and think they will be great ways to add to the blog with more pictures but in a different creative way!

In regards to my writing, I decided to add more than just my writing and reflections. As a mom, and a teacher, I love ggod quotes. Whenever I come across one, whether it is inspirational as a mom or a teacher, I write them down and put them somewhere that I can see them. I am going to add favotire quotes (from my family or from a different source) to my blog as well. I am also a collector of poems. I think that these will add another interesting piece to my blog.

Overall, I am loving this project! My only wish is that I had more time to work on it each week. I would love to be able to add daily or weekly posts. It is a way for me to reflect back and enjoy some of those family moments amid all our crazy schedules and hectic days!

Here is a link to my site: Miracles, Milestones and Magical Moments: The Davis Family Website

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  1. Kristin,
    I'm so glad to hear that you are "addicted to blogging" (as per your sidebar) and that your family blog readership is expanding with friends and family. I can't wait to see the unveiling of your blog to the class next week.